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  1. A cartoon drawing of two goats standing back to back.
    2 goats

    So an African family can support themselves

  2. A picture of an elderly man with white hair and a white beard crouched down in front of a sapling, which he is watering from a small plastic tub.
    Drylands orchard: 3 trees Plant 3 fruit trees to enrich the land
  3. A cartoon drawing of a monkey sitting down and holding a half eaten banana in one hand.
    Banana plants for subsistence farmers

    Boost the income of subsistence farmers

  4. /sf27.jpg
    Save our chocolate Help Dominica restore their cocoa business
  5. A cartoon drawing of a woman in a dry landscape looking down at a pig and smiling.
    A pig

    For an African subsistence farmer

  6. A cartoon drawing of a four shelves containing soil and lots of white mushrooms growing.
    Start a mushroom farm Providing a livelihood for African war widows
  7. A cartoon drawing of three garlic  bulbs with roots coming out of the bottom and long green stems coming out of the top.
    Garlic and ginger start-up kits

    Provide a lucrative crop for subsistence farmers

  8. A cartoon drawing of four young people facing away with their arms raised above their heads, each holding up a pineapple.
    50 pineapple plant starter kits

    Provide a lucrative crop for small-scale farmers

  9. A cartoon drawing of a date palm with dates growing around the top of the trunk.
    An avenue of date palms

    Plant an avenue of date palms


Items 19-27 of 33

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