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  1. A cartoon drawing of a basket overflowing with green vegetables, and vines growing out of the top.
    12 vegetable patch kits

    Help people grow fresh vegetables

  2. 10 cocoa saplings
    10 cocoa saplings Plant new cocoa saplings in Dominica
  3. A picture of several red crates filled with oranges, with the stems and green leaves still attached.
    Harvest Health and Peace Provide a year's worth of fresh fruit and veg
  4. A cartoon drawing of a green box with worms coming out of the top.
    Composting kit for African farmers

    Better than commercial fertiliser

  5. A cartoon drawing of a man carrying a large white cow with brown spots and grey horns. The cow is smiling and has a blue bow tied around its stomach, like a present.
    Bridal cow

    Provide a cow for a young couple in Africa

  6. A cartoon drawing of a bee hive box with bees coming out of it.
    A hive of bees

    To provide an income for a family in a developing country

  7. A cartoon drawing of a white cow with brown spots.
    A cow

    For an African family, gives milk, valuable fertiliser and offspring

  8. A cartoon drawing of two goats standing back to back.
    2 goats

    So an African family can support themselves

  9. A picture of an elderly man with white hair and a white beard crouched down in front of a sapling, which he is watering from a small plastic tub.
    Drylands orchard: 3 trees Plant 3 fruit trees to enrich the land

Items 10-18 of 31

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Set Descending Direction

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