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  1. A cartoon drawing of a basket overflowing with green vegetables, and vines growing out of the top.
    Vegetable patch kit

    Help people grow fresh vegetables

  2. /sf45.jpg
    3 fine chickens for an African war widow

    Give African war widows eggs to eat and sell

  3. A cartoon drawing of a tree with red fruit on it.
    Fruit tree in a developing country Fruit tree crops
  4. /sf27.jpg
    Prize bull semen

    To breed stronger, disease resistant cattle

  5. A cartoon drawing of a green box with worms coming out of the top.
    Composting kit for African farmers

    Better than commercial fertiliser

  6. A cartoon drawing of three garlic  bulbs with roots coming out of the bottom and long green stems coming out of the top.
    Garlic and ginger start-up kits

    Provide a lucrative crop for subsistence farmers

  7. A cartoon drawing of a red sack of seeds saying 'Seed 1kg' on it. Above the sack is a thought bubble, which has three bigger red sacks of seed in it, each one says 'Seed 50kg' on it.

    To grow a crop to feed the family and sell the surplus


7 Items

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How It Works

At Good Gifts, we do precisely what it says on the tin: your money buys the gift described.

And because we know the importance of knowing where your money goes, we guarantee it. And the delivering charities guarantee it too.

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  • Ideal for Christmas stockings, party and wedding favours and small presents. Your Little Good Gift is described in a pretty gift card on which to write your own message. Sorry! The card is too small to print a message on.