Corporate Good Gifts

Demonstrate your caring credentials by giving Good Gifts instead of corporate clichés. Look up-to-date, involved and different from the rest.

Good Gifts make the best corporate gifts.

  • They enhance your company's image
  • They are memorable, so keep your name in front of clients
  • They are talked about
  • They have a unique feel good factor
  • They show your company is caring, socially responsible and in tune with modern thinking
  • They enhance your company's ethical stance
  • There are over 200 Good Gifts to choose from, so it's easy to find one relevant to your work or your clients' interest

You can choose from £5 to sky's the limit. One company built a village in India for an Aboriginal community (one of the houses being built can be seen in the photo above) another has given 750 clients the gift of sight.

The staff at the Milton Keynes branch of John Lewis gave a shop to a community group in India, which both gave an outlet to small scale producers and access to cheaper goods to local villagers.

Good Gifts offers a fully managed corporate gift service, with a choice of gift card, e-card or cracker gift. Whatever you choose, we can guarantee the gift will be really appreciated.

If you would like further information about our Corporate Gifts service, please either call us on 020 7794 8000 or email