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Whatever the occasion, if a gift is needed nothing beats a Good Gift. Save clutter and unwanted gifts. Spread happiness by registering your wedding or wish lists with Good Gifts so guests can choose from your selection or invite them to contribute to a Gigantic Good Gift.

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Wedding Lists

Dreading rows of toasters?

Avoid the headache of unwanted presents by sharing your joy, courtesy of the Good Gifts Catalogue, with our wedding lists.

Why not give Little Good Gift cards to each guest, as place names or party favours (great conversation topic). Cracker cards in red or yellow, your choice, each containing a Good Gift will liven up your tables. Choose one for each table or one for each guest.

Wish Lists

If you register on the Good Gifts wish list your family and friends can start giving you the world’s most needed gifts.

And they solve all sorts of problems linked with Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays and any special occasions.

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