20 Years of Good Gifts

Our commitment

The Good Gifts Catalogue was born nearly 20 years ago, a refreshing alternative to conventional unwanted presents.

We were guided by two commitments: first, that every Good Gift was always wanted. And second, when you buy a Good Gift, your money buys the actual gift.

Over 20 years, our commitments have never wavered. In fact, we’re delighted, that more and more people choose Good Gifts in order to target their charitable giving with more accuracy.

Take the next step

Here is a short video about the Charities Advisory Trusts work in India, including projects funded through the Good Gifts Catalogue

How Good Gifts Works

James thoughtfully chooses a gift for Linda’s birthday, based on their travels together through India last year

Linda is tickled pink that a villager has been helped in her name (and continues to be pleased every time she remembers)

Laxshimi receives the gift of a chicken (and the ability to sell eggs, feed her children and provide health care for her family)

What you get

As well as a warm glow, with every gift you get an e-card, gift card or cracker pack bearing a light-hearted description of the gift. However, if you are marking a more sombre occasion, please let us know and we’ll send a more appropriate card. You can personalise your card by adding a message to be printed on the slip.


You can get an e-card sent to you, or to the person to whom you are giving the gift, at no extra cost. You can add a personal message to the email card.

Gift Card

You can get a hard copy card, on which we can print your special message, sent to your address. £2.95 P&P or free on orders over £25.

Cracker Pack

Instead of the gift card, the nimble-fingered can choose a cracker pack in which to insert the Good Gift slip. £2.95 P&P or free on orders over £25.

Good Gifts has provided a staggering 2,792,186 meals for hungry children, and that does not include special help to refugees, or the food people can grow through the gifts of seeds, fruit trees and livestock

Good Givers have saved the lives of tens of thousands of women who would otherwise have died in childbirth, by providing medicine that costs less than £2 a time!

Good Gifts give rise to laughter, tears, delight and deep satisfaction. Recipients tell us that a Good Gift stays longer in the memory. And for the ultimate beneficiaries there’s the reassuring warmth of knowing someone cares sufficiently to invest in their future.

Good Gifts introduced a new way of giving. It cut out unwanted gifts. Gives practical help to those in need, and lasting pleasure to the person in whose name the gift was given.

Knit for Peace groups in India and Pakistan exchanged sweaters for each other’s children in a display of friendship and co-operation.