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  1. A cartoon drawing of a white cow with brown spots.
    A cow

    For an African family, gives milk, valuable fertiliser and offspring

  2. A woman in a wheelchair is at a road crossing and her guide dog is next to her with its front paws on the pedestrian crossing button.
    Assistance dog training class

    Training class for 12 Assistance dogs

  3. A photo of several young women in red and gold saris standing in a group, behind them is a man in chef's clothes.
    The Great Indian Bake Off

    Train low caste girls in India as bakers

  4. A cartoon drawing of a woman holding a yellow landline phone up to her ear, with her mouth open as if in mid conversation.
    Top-up Top-up a mobile phone to keep families connected
  5. A cartoon drawing of a monkey sitting down and holding a half eaten banana in one hand.
    Banana plants for subsistence farmers

    Boost the income of subsistence farmers

  6. A nurse is smiling and leaning over a woman and her new born baby.
    Train a nurse (3 year course) Combat the massive shortage of nurses and midwives in Africa
  7. A cartoon drawing of a four shelves containing soil and lots of white mushrooms growing.
    Start a mushroom farm Providing a livelihood for African war widows
  8. A picture of a young woman holding a pink cloth in her hands and a needle. She is smiling and looks very happy.
    Help crafty women earn incomes Help women in India and Africa to make a living
  9. A woman is sat crosslegged on the floor, with several large balls of yarn in front of her. She has one ball of white yarn in her lap and is threading it through a small wooden object in her hand.
    Buy 20 baby layettes for Rwandan Knitting Co - op

    Support peace-building knitting businesses


Items 19-27 of 34

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