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  1. Four women are sat in a semi circle knitting outdoors, they are all smiling and look very happy.
    Jumpers for Rwandan school children

    Give warm jumpers & income to those in need

  2. A picture of a group of people sat in a circle, engaged in discussion. Crops are visible behind them in the background.
    Invest in small business start-ups in Africa

    Invest in small businesses in Africa

  3. Cartoon drawing of three mugs with steam rising out of them. The middle mug says 'Welcome' on it. In the top right hand corner is a red circle with the words 'New Gift' on it.
    Tea, coffee & milk for food banks

    Supplies for food banks

  4. A cartoon drawing of a bee hive box with bees coming out of it.
    A hive of bees

    To provide an income for a family in a developing country

  5. A woman in a wheelchair is at a road crossing and her guide dog is next to her with its front paws on the pedestrian crossing button.
    Assistance dog training class

    Training class for 12 Assistance dogs

  6. A photo of several young women in red and gold saris standing in a group, behind them is a man in chef's clothes.
    The Great Indian Bake Off

    Train low caste girls in India as bakers

  7. A cartoon drawing of a man pushing a red wheelbarrow piled high with vegetables.
    Allotment for the homeless

    Provide fresh vegetables to eat and sell, and harvest self esteem

  8. A cartoon drawing of a woman holding a yellow landline phone up to her ear, with her mouth open as if in mid conversation.
    Top-up Top-up a mobile phone to keep families connected
  9. A cartoon drawing of a four shelves containing soil and lots of white mushrooms growing.
    Start a mushroom farm Providing a livelihood for African war widows

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