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  1. A cartoon drawing of a teacher standing at a chalkboard writing  on it, with a young boy by his side looking at a piece of paper.
    Teach people to read

    Train a volunteer teacher to help raise literacy levels in the UK

  2. Help youngsters clean up the Jordan
    Help youngsters clean up the Jordan

    Support Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian youngsters' peace efforts

  3. A picture of a fast running stream in a lush green environment.
    Clean up our rivers - Plant trees and hedgerows

    Clean up our rivers

  4. A cartoon drawing of a sad-looking woman sitting in front of a fireplace, roasting a marshmallow over the fire.
    One warm room for a month Heat a room for a month
  5. A picture of three elderly women standing in a row and singing, the one on the left is holding up a sheet of paper.
    Sing out - a singing session Bring communities together through singing
  6. A young nurse is looking away from the camera and smiling
    Employ a nursing assistant for 3 months Employ a nursing assistant in Africa
  7. A close up headshot of a white tiger, in the top right hand corner there is a red circle with the words 'New Gift'.
    Kill the trade in wildlife and stop the next pandemic

    Train a sniffer dog

  8. A cartoon drawing of a light bulb. In the top left corner there is a red circle with 'Covid-19' written in it.
    Top up the electricity meter for 2 weeks

    Electricity costs for 2 weeks

  9. Two teenage girls are in a lab, leaning in to look at something. In front of them are some test tubes containing a blue liquid.
    Girl Power Give girls support to achieve academic success

Items 1-9 of 23

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Set Descending Direction

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