Invest in peace

Knit a community

Invest in peace

In the Middle East, knitting (and crochet) are weapons of peace, bringing together different communities, across ethnic and religious boundaries. Old people teach youngsters. Muslim, Druze and Jewish Israelis sit together in knitting groups from North to South. They knit for themselves, they knit for those in need. Since its inception at the beginning of 2019, many groups have been set up. There is even a group in the women’s prison.
The plan is to form parallel projects in Jordan and the Palestinian Authority, with local leadership. All three will work co-operatively, strengthening ties between the communities. Knitting and crochet are both proven to lower anxiety and foster a more optimistic outlook - both recipes for peace.
This ambitious plan is an initiative of Good Gifts’ parent charity, the Charities Advisory Trust, encouraged by the success of Knit for Peace in bringing people together. Invest in peace in the Middle East.

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