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  1. A cartoon drawing of an old dog, wearing a shirt and tie, trousers, slippers and a blue dressing gown and walking using a walking frame to lean on.
    Old dog's retirement

    Care for an elderly, abandoned dog

  2. A close up shot of an orange baby monkey, clinging on to the black hair of another monkey.
    Kill the trade in wildlife and stop the next pandemic

    Prevent animal cruelty

  3. Close up picture of a hand holding a small, brown bird.
    Nurture our birds Protect nest sites and nurture fledgling birds
  4. A cartoon drawing of a smiling bee.
    Wildflower seeds Wildflower seeds to feed bees
  5. A woman in a wheelchair is at a road crossing and her guide dog is next to her with its front paws on the pedestrian crossing button.
    Assistance dog training class

    Training class for 12 Assistance dogs

  6. A cartoon drawing of a brown dog wearing a red collar, sitting with its eyes closed and its tail up.
    Care for an abandoned pet

    Provide care for an abandoned pet while it waits for a new owner

  7. A picture of a puffin sitting on a patch of dirt.
    Puffin Aid

    Protect puffins' UK habitat

  8. A close up photo of two colourful birds facing each other and touching their beaks.
    For lovebirds everywhere

    Save the natural habitat of lovebirds


8 Items

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Set Descending Direction

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