Animal Welfare

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  1. A cartoon drawing of a brown dog wearing a red collar, sitting with its eyes closed and its tail up.
    Care for an abandoned pet

    Provide care for an abandoned pet while it waits for a new owner

  2. A line of children and young people are stood in a field, each one holding a string tied to one or two dogs.
    Protect people from rabies: vaccinate a village Vaccinate a village to help stop rabies
  3. A picture of a puffin sitting on a patch of dirt.
    Puffin Aid

    Protect puffins' UK habitat

  4. A cartoon drawing of a large brown bull with horns, with two smaller, white cows with brown spots on either side of him. The cows have pink lipstick on their lips and are looking up at the bull. There is a heart drawn above each cow.
    New bull

    Replenish livestock lost during conflict and famine

  5. A picture of a King Emperor penguin bending its face down towards its small grey baby, which is sat in front of it with its flippers out.
    Protect a penguin

    Help protect penguins and their habitats

  6. A close up photo of two colourful birds facing each other and touching their beaks.
    For lovebirds everywhere

    Save the natural habitat of lovebirds


Items 10-15 of 15

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Set Descending Direction

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