Advent calendars

The Good Gifts Advent calendars

Both our advent calendars are true to the message of Christmas. Every day, a window opens to show another little gift with disproportionate impact: seeds for a poor farmer; lifesaving medicine; a bowl of rice: a ball for a child with no toys, culminating in a warm hat for a cold baby. Each version has different gifts and helps more than 24 lives giving interest and pleasure.

Blue advent calendar: £14.95
Red advent calendar: £14.95
Online advent calendar: £14.95

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Good Gifts Gift tags

A pack of 5 tags giving much needed help: 5 bowls of rice for 5 hungry children, life saving medicine for an African child, a warm hat for a new born baby, chickens for a poor family and a sapling for a UK woodland.

Gift tags: £5.95 each