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  1. A nurse is smiling and leaning over a woman and her new born baby.
    Train a nurse (3 year course) Combat the massive shortage of nurses and midwives in Africa
  2. A cartoon drawing of four children walking in a line, with a teacher walking at the back of the line.
    Activities for a school A term of activities for a UK school
  3. A nurse is smiling and leaning over a woman and her new born baby.
    Train a nurse for a year Train a nurse in Africa
  4. A picture of a group of young children standing together and smiling at the camera.
    School's in for a year

    Improve education - support supplementary schools in developing countries

  5. A picture of two elderly women sitting on a bale of hay looking at a book which one of the women is holding open.
    100 books Give books to an Indian village library
  6. A cartoon drawing of a teacher standing next to a chalk board and pointing, with four children sat on the floor in front of him.
    Train a teacher

    To make up the shortfall of teachers in Africa

  7. A young boy is sat at a desk with a computer on it, he is typing and looking at the keyboard.
    Fund a 3-year degree course for an African orphan

    Support a talented poor student in Africa through university

  8. A cartoon drawing of a donkey pulling a cart with shelves full of books and a sign above them saying 'Library'.
    New style mobile libraries for Rwanda

    Electric powered mobile libraries - taking books from village to village


8 Items

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Set Descending Direction

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