Nurture children

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  1. A picture of lots of young children sitting on the floor. The girls are all wearing bright blue dresses and some of the children are holding pieces of paper. The hands and feet that are visible are dirty.
    De-worm 500 children

    Provide de-worming tablets

  2. A close up of a young girl in a pink jumper, holding up a black glasses occluder to cover one of her eyes.
    Gift of sight for a child

    Help restore the sight of a child born with cataracts

  3. A photo of a woman looking into the camera and smiling whilst holding two young toddlers in her lap, with two others standing in front of her.
    Nurture an abandoned child for a year

    Feed, house and educate an abandoned child

  4. A cartoon drawing of two people's legs from the knees down, showing their feet and shoes. The feet on the left are wearing blue shoes with laces, the feet on the right are wearing red high-heels.
    18 pairs of flip-flops To protect African children's feet from hookworm
  5. A cartoon drawing of a donkey pulling a cart with shelves full of books and a sign above them saying 'Library'.
    Books for a new style mobile library

    Freshen up the library with a new supply of books

  6. /sf15.jpg
    Toiletries for schoolgirls in Africa

    Help schoolgirls keep clean and healthy

  7. A picture of three young school girls wearing uniform and crouched down over a patch of soil, digging with trowels.
    School tree pack

    60 tree saplings for students to plant on school grounds

  8. A young child is holding a drumstick and using it to bang a large drum.
    Music therapy

    To help disabled children communicate and enjoy life

  9. A cartoon drawing of a pair of legs from the knees downwards, showing  the feet wearing long white socks and a pair of blue shoes.
    Protect children's feet

    Buy 3 pairs of crocs for children in Africa


Items 46-54 of 58

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