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  1. A cartoon drawing of two people's legs from the knees down, showing their feet and shoes. The feet on the left are wearing blue shoes with laces, the feet on the right are wearing red high-heels.
    2 pairs of shoes for African children Locally made stout school shoes
  2. /sf42.jpg
    Underwear for orphans in Africa

    Reliant on cast offs, underwear is rarely available

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    50 bowls of rice

    50 bowls of rice for 50 hungry children

  4. A cartoon drawing of a fairy wearing a spotted dress, with small wings on her back and holding a wand with a star on it in one hand.
    An hour's respite Give parents of disabled children some time off
  5. A cartoon of a dad and two children standing in water. On his left, his young son is wearing a snorkel and on his right his young daughter is holding a fishing net and smiling.
    A trip to the seaside A fun day out for a poor child
  6. A cartoon of a chef standing on a step ladder stirring a giant blue pot.
    Lentils for children in Africa 100 meals for malnourished children
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    Toiletries for schoolgirls in Africa

    Help schoolgirls keep clean and healthy

  8. A cartoon drawing of a pair of legs from the knees downwards, showing  the feet wearing long white socks and a pair of blue shoes.
    Protect children's feet

    Buy 3 pairs of crocs for children in Africa

  9. A cartoon drawing of a hand holding up an open book with a pink cover.
    Comics and puzzles for children in hospital

    To help pass the time


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