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  1. A cartoon drawing of a seal.
    Clean the ocean of plastic

    Protect marine life

  2. /sf51.jpg
    Clean water for a school in Africa

    A month's clean water

  3. A cartoon drawing of a hand holding up an open book with a pink cover.
    Comics and puzzles for children in hospital

    To help pass the time

  4. A cartoon drawing of a green box with worms coming out of the top.
    Composting kit for African farmers

    Better than commercial fertiliser

  5. A cartoon drawing of a cricket bat and and stumps.
    Cricket kit Be part of the team
  6. A headshot of an elderly man with greying hair and a moustache, wearing black-rimmed glasses and smiling.
    Eye tests and specs for fathers

    Bring happiness to a father in Africa or India

  7. A picture of a cat and dog side by side, the cat has a small green budgie on its head.
    Feed an abandoned cat or dog

    A month's food for a cat or dog

  8. A cartoon drawing of a pair of blue football boots hanging from a hook by the laces.
    Football boots Provide football boots
  9. A close up of two children standing next to each other holding footballs and smiling with joy.
    Footballs for African schools Give footballs to schools in Africa

Items 28-36 of 85

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Set Descending Direction

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