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  1. A blue twiddlemuff with ribbons and buttons on it.
    Twiddlemuffs for dementia sufferers Provide activity for restless hands
  2. A cartoon drawing of a pair of blue football boots hanging from a hook by the laces.
    Football kit for girls

    Provide football kit for girls.

  3. Cartoon drawing of three mugs with steam rising out of them. The middle mug says 'Welcome' on it.
    Hot drinks for the homeless

    At community centres & food banks

  4. A cartoon drawing of two glass bottles of milk.
    Milk Milk for families
  5. A cartoon drawing of a green box with worms coming out of the top.
    Composting kit for African farmers

    Better than commercial fertiliser

  6. A cartoon sack full of peanuts and with the word 'peanuts' written on it.
    Peanut butter For malnourished African children
  7. A picture of a young boy sat on a flight of stairs, holding onto the wall next to him tightly and looking sad.
    Warm clothes & a teddy For children in a UK women's refuge
  8. A picture on a white background of a man lying down asleep under a silver survival blanket.
    Survival blankets

    Survival blankets for rough sleepers


Items 46-53 of 53

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Set Descending Direction

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