A pig

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Pigtime bonanza

A pig

A pig equips a needy African family with a fresh outlook on life. A healthy sow will produce 20-24 piglets a year and, when these little piggies go to market, the family will earn much needed income to buy sufficient food, pay medical bills and send the children to school. One pig, fully supported by food supplements, vet care and owner training, costs £28. Feeding it costs £30 a year. Either (or both together) can improve lives.

Did you know...

Pigs gestate for 115 days, producing an average of 20-24 piglets. Within 2 years, a sow (aided by a boar) can produce 2661 descendants, half of them female, who go on to breed. And, did you know it costs more to feed a pig than buy one?

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